Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Facts: 15 things on Bonita’s “Fucket” List!

_____ MFM 3some
_____ FMF 3some
_____ Groupsex (any combo/straight) – watched, but wanna participate! lol
_____ Groupsex (any combo/bi) – watched this too, dammit! I am such a voyeur LOL!
_____ Groupsex (any combo/lesbian) – okay, watched this as well… but I am TOTALLY cool with that as it was a mind-blowing, once-in a lifetime experience!!!! :D
_____ Be topped by a Domme/Sadist
_____ Domme a sub/masochist
_____ Rope Bondage
_____Talk to a girl crush
_____ Talk to a boy crush
_____ Make out with a girl
_____ Have sex with a girl
_____ Cuck a hottie cucky
_____ Sex a sexy CD/TV
_____ Sex a sexy trans (FTM or MTF… or both!)

Key: ___ = completed

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