Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kink, cliques, and whiny bitches.

Recently, I joined Fetlife to see what all the hubbub was about.  I was mesmerized by the sheer amount of forums, groups, discussions, kinks, meets n munches... completely floored. 

But then, it happened.  You know, that thing that always tends to happen on porn sites that aren't Xtube?  I suddenly found myself sinking into a sea of cliques and whiny bitches.  WTF?  I just can't for the life of me understand why even people who are supposedly open-minded are actually elitist as hell.  And elitists always make me feel icky.  :(

Am I too rough on the edges? Too strong-willed and opinionated?  Incapable of interacting socially with fetishists? 

The hubby and I have frequented the same swingers' club for years and we've never really played with others while there.  Sure something sensual has occurred here and there, but beyond that... nada.  Don't even get me started on hookup fiascoes or the whole being stood up thing. 

Nevertheless, my point is this: Why is it that everywhere in life there are always cliques and whiny bitches that mess shit up for everyone else???  Currently there's this huge debacle occurring on Fetlife and EVERYBITCH AND THEIR MOMMA has something to say about it.  I mean, seriously?!? Who the fuck gives two pisses about a "FRO" or Fetlife Restraining Order??? Furthermore, how can you build a community if you're going to exclude newcomers who don't fit the stereotypical lust icon model for the average 18-35 year old white American male?  It just baffles me...

And furthermore, why post something on a forum, then get pissed when someone responds in a way you don't like?  If you don't want the general public's opinion, you shouldn't be posting shit on the internet, dummy!

UGH.  Okay, I'm done with this rant for now... but I just had to get it off my chest. :)