Saturday, June 7, 2014

A night of many firsts! (My MFM come true!)

Well, since my CL post to find someone to cum all over my tits for the hubby’s birthday was so successful, we discussed it and decided to try posting for a guy to have an MFM threesome with us.  Hubby was in charge of posting on the swingers’ site and I was responsible for posting and weeding through the responses from Craigslist.  The ad on the swingers’ site, as always, didn’t do us a lick of good.  I decided to go again with an ad sans pics because of the success of the previous ad.  My first posting was flagged almost immediately (as usual) but the second was up long enough that the responses started pouring in!  It was harder than I thought to narrow down and tag the replies that I was interested in because they’d followed directions ( I asked for face and body pics, no cock shots).  I got it narrowed down to about 10 or so and was having a real problem narrowing down further but hubby solved that by doing a quick elimination based on a solid yes versus a maybe.  That brought me to two guys.  I emailed both, but only one of them actually wrote me back.  The messages we exchanged were brief, to the point, and straight forward.  I didn’t get the “weird and creepy” vibe from him, so we talked with him about having him as a guest at the swingers’ club we like.  He checked it out and agreed, so it was a date! 

He wanted to voice verify and I was super nervous but he called and we chatted for a couple minutes and all seemed well, so we proceeded with our date.  He was prompt and got there before even us (I was a total girl and took forever to prepare... I even gave myself my first enema just in case we did the DP thing!).  Again, I was super nervous and when he walked up I was shocked by how young he actually was!  He’d told me his age, but he was so eloquent and succinct that I had a hard time wrapping my head around how much older he seemed than what he’d told me he actually was.  To be honest, I thought he was lying! Haha!  But in the flesh, oh... he was every bit of a newly turned 22 years old!  He was adorably sexy with a bit of scruff that wasn’t quite a beard but was sexy enough to catch my attention and this spectacularly curly brown hair.  And he was wearing Chuck Taylor’s LOL!  I loved it. :)

So anyway, in we went and the craziness ensued!  It was a theme party and the night’s theme was a scavenger hunt.  I did a lot of “firsts”... I spanked a girl’s ass, sucked on another’s tits, got spanked and had my fingers sucked on by random guys... sucked on random guy’s fingers... I stopped short at licking a bald guy’s head (though that was on the list, too).  We had to find guys in tighty whiteys, girls who were wearing a thong, girls who shaved completely bare, guys who shaved their balls, newcomers, and several other hijinks that I can’t recall right now.  The further you went down the list the dirtier things got.  We didn’t do any of the really dirty stuff but that was fine because we knew it was coming later.  But right before we had to turn in our list, the hubby and our guest kept pressuring me to pick something else to do to score more points.  The hubby especially... so I shocked my husband thoroughly by walking over to our third and making out with him.  Hubby says that this is the point of the night where he knew that I was going to go through with it and that it was really going to happen!  Remember, I am not fond of touching strangers or having strangers touch me, so this was a pretty big deal!  At midnight, we turned in our sheet and the hubby and I sat and talked while the young hottie went and got birthday lapdances.  Hubby and I talked and we were both okay, so on we moved to the screen room.  I wasn’t really feeling the flick (some girl was getting fucked in the ass or something) so we decided it was time to get it on :)

OH.... MY... GOD!  I froze initially because once we were naked I couldn’t even think straight!  I can’t even begin to describe how scandalously sensual it was to have four hands, two mouths, two dicks, and two deliciously hot bodies pressed against mine.  I kissed one man, then the other, then licked, bit, sucked... I don’t even know!  Someone’s cock was being shoved down my throat and then someone else started fucking me from behind and dear Lord in Heaven, it was pure bliss!  Whoever I was sucking would force my head down on their cock and when they’d let me up, whoever was fucking me would shove my head right back down.  I got spanked and bruised and bitten... Somehow we moved and I was on my back with hubby holding my legs as far up over my head and spread as wide apart as they could go while the young cutie plowed into me so hard he left handprint shaped marks on my thighs and bruised the hell out of my cervix!  I couldn’t care less at the time, though, because I was just *feeling* everything so intensely!  Then he asked if we could open the room door apparently, but I don’t remember it because next thing I know hubby’s face was buried in my pussy LOL.  He ate and fingered and fucked me until I squirted all over him while our guest took the opportunity to fuck my face.  Then I ended up being spitroasted again and I’d cum so many times at that point I had to beg to take a break. 

After the break, our guest shocked me by asking if we could try anal.  I was frightened, but figured what the hell.  He was apparently a pro because the next thing I knew he was telling me to relax and then suddenly he was fucking me with abandon and it felt amazing... no pain at all!  Not a single shockwave of unpleasantness... his cock is much thinner than the hubby’s, though... I love it when the hubby fucks my ass, but it takes us a LONG time to prep for it and get me open enough for him.  Anyway, so he’s pounding my ass good and hard, fingers digging into the flesh on my sides and hips... and then he started mumbling something about how soft I was and felt and damn if that wasn’t sexy as hell.   So of course I started orgasming again.  I needed another break because he’d fucked me dizzy... he said he was going to go clean up and would be right back.  Hubby and I made out some more and I started sucking him again when our young friend came back and said he wanted to continue fucking me in the ass.  Who am I to refuse? ;)  He wanted me missionary, and of course I obliged.  It was... I don’t even know!  I hadn’t had anal that way with the hubby because it hurt, and I had several orgasms right away.  I am thankful he went to wash his hands, because he had as many fingers as he could fit in my vagina while he continued thrusting into my ass.  Apparently this too shocked the hubby because he just sat and watched it happen lol.  He told me this went on for a good half hour or so before the youngster kindly informed me that he was going to cum soon and asked me where I wanted it.  I told him he could take his choice and he asked to cum all over my tits.  I mean, he actually asked!  How sweet is that? :)  It was a huge load, too...  and I walked out of there on wobbly legs with a humongous grin on my face.  What a night!  It’s something I would really enjoy doing again.  I am still baffled that his being a stranger didn’t bother me a bit and I’m also perfectly fine that we have had zero contact since it all went down.  I thought, all this time, that I needed this to happen with someone that I was really into or had some sort of a connection with... but it turns out, I’m perfectly fine without it!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hubby has a birthday coming up...

This year, I thought I would try something different to give the hubby as a birthday present. Contrary to what people.may believe, I am not the type who fucks or plays with other people on a whim. In fact, I've not had any penis except hubby's in my vagina for over 10 years now. I did play with a guy once a few years back, but that was it until recently.

See, hubby has been teasing me about having a random guy take pictures of me or cum all over my tits before I get home from work. This was his birthday present this year! Finding a guy who wanted to help who I was comfortable with cumming all over my tits was a bit more complicated than I thought it would be. But luckily I found a kindhearted volunteer and he shot an amazing load right where I needed it!

It was actually a lot better than I thought it would be, and now I want to try something else! I mean... I never even knew his name... And surprisingly, I am more than okay with that. What, oh what have I done? :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

the Crush.

I have this huge crush on a girl at work. From the moment I saw her, I was blushing and giggling like I had suddenly become 15 years younger. She is so handsome, and chivalrous, and noble... *sigh*

She started out as an intern for my team and I found myself simultaneously wishing for and praying against having to help her learn something or being alone with her. It was torture! Because of course I ended up needing to do both... quite often! I'd feel like an idiot fawning over the way she smoked her cigarettes and talked about her girlfriend or always got there first so she could hold doors open.

Now she's a coworker, fully hired by the company and in a completely different department and location. But every once in a while, she makes it a point to call my desk or stop by my cubicle for a quick visit. And I blush and smile and laugh and daydream about making out or riding her hands or face...

Saturday, March 22, 2014


For some reason, I've been insatiably horny lately. It won't go away... It's like a hunger pang that I just can't satisfy or stop! Is it because I am now over 30? If I weren't so damn picky, I'd probably be humping random strangers' legs while out in public! Luckily, I don't often run into people I'm attracted to while I'm out doing my daily routine things :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kink, cliques, and whiny bitches.

Recently, I joined Fetlife to see what all the hubbub was about.  I was mesmerized by the sheer amount of forums, groups, discussions, kinks, meets n munches... completely floored. 

But then, it happened.  You know, that thing that always tends to happen on porn sites that aren't Xtube?  I suddenly found myself sinking into a sea of cliques and whiny bitches.  WTF?  I just can't for the life of me understand why even people who are supposedly open-minded are actually elitist as hell.  And elitists always make me feel icky.  :(

Am I too rough on the edges? Too strong-willed and opinionated?  Incapable of interacting socially with fetishists? 

The hubby and I have frequented the same swingers' club for years and we've never really played with others while there.  Sure something sensual has occurred here and there, but beyond that... nada.  Don't even get me started on hookup fiascoes or the whole being stood up thing. 

Nevertheless, my point is this: Why is it that everywhere in life there are always cliques and whiny bitches that mess shit up for everyone else???  Currently there's this huge debacle occurring on Fetlife and EVERYBITCH AND THEIR MOMMA has something to say about it.  I mean, seriously?!? Who the fuck gives two pisses about a "FRO" or Fetlife Restraining Order??? Furthermore, how can you build a community if you're going to exclude newcomers who don't fit the stereotypical lust icon model for the average 18-35 year old white American male?  It just baffles me...

And furthermore, why post something on a forum, then get pissed when someone responds in a way you don't like?  If you don't want the general public's opinion, you shouldn't be posting shit on the internet, dummy!

UGH.  Okay, I'm done with this rant for now... but I just had to get it off my chest. :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Splish... splash... zzzzzzzzzzzzz

This was originally written by me & posted on the Xtube forum, but I decided to share it here as well! :)

This morning I was so horny that I squirted a huge puddle all over the bed... and my husband's face (when he was eating me) and his arm (when he was fingering me) and his cock and body (when he was fucking me). It's been at least 2 weeks since we have had a chance to have at each other, and apparently I had some built up excess that needed to be released. Then, apparently I was so exhausted I rolled over and went to sleep. Literally. I woke up feeling cold and icky and wet... and the hubby showing me pictures of how/why I felt that way made my clit throb in remembrance. Then, he climbed on top of me (I was on my belly, so he was on my back) and started thrusting his cock in between my thighs, just so it rubbed against my pussy but didn't penetrate. It made me soaked in no time flat! I then got out a vibrator where I gave myself an orgasm for the purpose of lubrication (my pussy was sore and swollen from its earlier delicious abuse) and once I did (squirted, again... don't know what was up with that today... lol) I climbed on top of the hubby and rode him 'til we were both finished.

I love him. It helps that our sex is freakin' awesome.
My panties couldn't stay dry at all today after that. LOL!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Road Head!

image from

On the commute to work Thursday, there was a jeep in front of me erratically swerving and driving precariously slow even though the speed limit was like 55mph. It was really pissing me off, as I have a 30 minute commute on a good traffic day, and I'd been stuck behind this particular vehicle pretty much since I left my house.  Living in the country is great, but driving to the city when there are other people on the road is awful.  LOL.  Nyuck nyuck :)

Anyway, I was now running late thanks to whoever the heck was in front of me, since there hadn't been an opportunity for me to pass them on the long, windy, country road.  Then, at a stoplight, everything became painfully clear!  I noticed why they'd been driving so slowly and swerving around on the road: she was TOTALLY giving him a bj!!!! OH MY GOD!  The voyeur in me was so interested that I no longer cared about the speed, only the act that was taking place right before me!  I immediately called my husband to report my shock and awe over this (and I mean it was 9am-ish, and the last thing I was expecting! lol) and his only reply was a calm, collected, "Well, that's what cruise control is for."   Touché, love... touché.

Anyway, after agreeing with my husband and laughing hysterically and commenting on how the swerving increased and the speed had slowed even further, I was then witness to her leaning her head out the window and spewing his spunk. Ick! Then she actually proceeded to throw up, and they pulled over so that I, and those behind me, could continue on our way. At that point I decided the slowness was a *good* thing, otherwise it would've blown straight back onto my car...