Monday, July 4, 2011

Boys are yummy :)

I'm not sure what it is about twinks, or "lambchops", as my dear friend Cyravance calls them (she totally coined that term, so it's her trademark and I'm borrowing it lol!), that makes me so darn attracted to them.  If you're not sure what a twink is, please check out Urban Dictionary or watch the following video of my biggest boytoy crush EVER, courtesy of my most fave pornsite ever, Xtube.  He goes by TheCandySpookie on there, and has no idea who I even am because in true stalker-girl crush fashion, I perv his things in secret every flippin' chance I get.  And I rub my clit furiously while I watch him and his lil' pretty lovely friends fuck each other senseless.  It's great stuff, I promise! :)

Wwwwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!  Alright now calm down your breathing, lick your cum off your fingers, and finish reading. :)

I don't know what it is that makes me so ridiculously attracted to that.  To those types of guys.  God help me if they are emo, goth, skater, hipster, or scene in any kind of way.  Beautiful boys make my brain do crazy things such as NOT think.  I turn into a blabbering, stammering idiot unable to form sentences or even the most remote traces of coherent thought.  It's quite sad, but also quite true.  My husband?  Oh, he is totally twink city.  Now, don't let him know *I* said that!  But he is!!!  Gorgeous, yummy, svelte, lovely boy goodness.  Just thinking of him makes me want to get up from here right this second, run into the room and take a bite before I type another word of this blog LOL!  In fact...

Wait, wait! See what just happened there?  Blubbering idiot me when I have something important to do. *sigh*

The point of today's blog is to ask you ask I ask myself, what truly dictates our sense of pure attraction? 

Last night we had excellent conversation with several sexy people (which comes as no surprise... we were at a sex club after all LOL).  But the surprise is this:  one of the most attractive men there was a BHM: Big Handsome Man.  Now, I'm not stating at all that I've never been attracted to big guys.  That'd be a lie.  The reason this surprises me is the *bigness* of this big guy.  I mean, he was a BIG big guy... and he was REALLY handsome.  But not only was he big and handsome, he was all those other things that we girls love about guys that make us melt!  He was witty and charming, charismatic and sweet, courteous, intelligent, and an excellent conversationalist that kept both myself AND my husband entertained.  Now *that* was the biggest surprise of 'em all, folks.  Usually, there isn't much genuine interest in the art of conversing with others when you're surrounded by swingers LOL!  But here's this really big, really handsome, really awesome guy... and he never made neither myself nor my husband feel awkward the entire two hours we spent hanging out with him.  I am still amazed.  It was fantastic, and I'm really glad we met him. :)

The dilemma, though?  I tried to picture how actual sex would go, and I couldn't.  I can't.  I know that it could happen... but as a BIG GIRL myself, I'm not sure how one might go about it?  And I mean that in the most non-rude, non-vicious way possible.  I genuinely don't know.  My love for twinks means the biggest guy I ever had sex with was muscular-lookin' football player size.  If the big guy weren't so devilishly handsome, I'd feel vain and guilty for that statement... but I don't feel an ounce of guilt because I'm writing this seriously, folks.  So basically if you have any input whatsoever, it'd be genuinely appreciated! :)  I'm just such a curious kitty... I have to know if/how this can be done!

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