Sunday, May 20, 2012

A look at the movie Soldier's Girl from a true soldier's girl :)

I started this particular entry over a month ago now... and as I sit here, I am still at a loss, not knowing what to say.  I didn't get to watch this movie in its entirety, but I was so deeply enthralled and moved, that I had to share its spectacular-ness with you all.  It's apparently based on the true story of a soldier who falls in love with a trans-girl.  By that, I mean a woman who was born as a man, and upon realizing her true self, she went on to live life as a woman, even having reassignment surgery after the incidents that took place in this movie.  A straight, male soldier fell in love with her... and this movie chronicles the chain of events that happened as a result of their love.

It takes a real, hard look at acceptance and tolerance among the members of the armed forces.  It made me stop and truly think about what I have seen and experienced in my own life, and how the slightest thing (a word, a gesture, a look) can mean one thing to one person, yet is interpreted and taken in a completely different way by another.  If you enjoy films that make you stop and think, tragedy, sexuality (and by that, I do not mean sensuality in this instance) and gender related issues... have a look at this film sometime.

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I saw this recently, posted by someone else, and thought I'd give it another go.  I'd seen it years ago, via the Xtube forums, and hadn't thought of it since!  Anyway, here are my results (as of today lol).

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I am in love with this vibrator!!! <3
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Fantasy Frustration Woes

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For years now I have wanted nothing more than to be fucked by my husband and another sexy hottie. But alas, it hasn't come to fruition. It's been really difficult to find a guy who was actually *SERIOUS* about meeting us both and doing it, and that I actually wanted to fuck. I am not shallow, but I am also not desperate. And, I have certain interests that attract me more than other things. My amazing husband is perfectly capable of fucking me into complete bliss. But I adore men in all their sexy glory, and I want to be completely stuffed... filled to the limit... and enjoy being with two men at once. After several failed attempts (I've been stood up more than I care to mention) my desire has just sort of idled. While it's still there, experience has made me extremely cautious and wary and just damn TIRED of trying. I don't even know that my husband wants to even bother going through with it anymore. It's made it even more difficult than before for me to trust anyone about anything and I don't like feeling this way. 

I am not going to settle and accept the first guy that wants to get his dick wet just to have this thing happen. Yes, I am naked on a porn site, but I am very stingy with my pussy and haven't actually fucked many guys at all. Hell, we even go to a local swingers' club and leave without so much as touching anyone else every single time. The sexy atmosphere and great conversation are always fun, but in the end it still feels like such a waste of time. *sigh*

I guess I am just curious to know how so many women seem to have enjoyed the MFM scenario when I just haven't been able to have it happen yet? Am I too picky? I mean, I love cuck, but my husband is NOT a cuckold at all (and frankly, I don't like the attitudes of most bulls and wouldn't give them the time of day). I don't like BBC/big dicks in general and am too much of a bitch to deal with most guys' cocky attitudes when their junk is huge. I do currently have a guy or two that I've been interacting with for a while now on the radar of "hmmm... that would be SO damn nice!" but again, experience has made me wary. I know that nothing will ever happen if I don't make a move, but how many times should you try something, fail and be humiliated, before you say fuck it & walk away? Some things *are* better left as fantasies instead of reality, right?

What are your thoughts, opinions, and experiences? :)