Sunday, May 20, 2012

A look at the movie Soldier's Girl from a true soldier's girl :)

I started this particular entry over a month ago now... and as I sit here, I am still at a loss, not knowing what to say.  I didn't get to watch this movie in its entirety, but I was so deeply enthralled and moved, that I had to share its spectacular-ness with you all.  It's apparently based on the true story of a soldier who falls in love with a trans-girl.  By that, I mean a woman who was born as a man, and upon realizing her true self, she went on to live life as a woman, even having reassignment surgery after the incidents that took place in this movie.  A straight, male soldier fell in love with her... and this movie chronicles the chain of events that happened as a result of their love.

It takes a real, hard look at acceptance and tolerance among the members of the armed forces.  It made me stop and truly think about what I have seen and experienced in my own life, and how the slightest thing (a word, a gesture, a look) can mean one thing to one person, yet is interpreted and taken in a completely different way by another.  If you enjoy films that make you stop and think, tragedy, sexuality (and by that, I do not mean sensuality in this instance) and gender related issues... have a look at this film sometime.

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