Sunday, September 23, 2012

Road Head!

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On the commute to work Thursday, there was a jeep in front of me erratically swerving and driving precariously slow even though the speed limit was like 55mph. It was really pissing me off, as I have a 30 minute commute on a good traffic day, and I'd been stuck behind this particular vehicle pretty much since I left my house.  Living in the country is great, but driving to the city when there are other people on the road is awful.  LOL.  Nyuck nyuck :)

Anyway, I was now running late thanks to whoever the heck was in front of me, since there hadn't been an opportunity for me to pass them on the long, windy, country road.  Then, at a stoplight, everything became painfully clear!  I noticed why they'd been driving so slowly and swerving around on the road: she was TOTALLY giving him a bj!!!! OH MY GOD!  The voyeur in me was so interested that I no longer cared about the speed, only the act that was taking place right before me!  I immediately called my husband to report my shock and awe over this (and I mean it was 9am-ish, and the last thing I was expecting! lol) and his only reply was a calm, collected, "Well, that's what cruise control is for."   Touché, love... touché.

Anyway, after agreeing with my husband and laughing hysterically and commenting on how the swerving increased and the speed had slowed even further, I was then witness to her leaning her head out the window and spewing his spunk. Ick! Then she actually proceeded to throw up, and they pulled over so that I, and those behind me, could continue on our way. At that point I decided the slowness was a *good* thing, otherwise it would've blown straight back onto my car...

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