Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pornsite Vent: Why are sexually open women = whores???

Okay, this is something that has been happening & pissing me off as of late, but yesterday I was totally infuriated and disgusted by what happened.

Why is it that the average male assumes that being an active member of a porn site means that I am a whore?

Seriously? Why is that? Here's the deal...

So, this guy contacts me, right? And his message is like, "Oh I live in your area and would LOVE to meet you". So, I write him back, like I write all guys who say that, and basically tell him that while I am flattered, I have no interest in secret meetings/hookups with anyone as I am NOT interested in cheating on my husband, etc. Do you know what that fucker wrote back next? The lame-ass goes, "Oh, I just wanna meet you just to talk. No sex, I promise"

Yeah right, bucko. Does that line even work on 13 year olds? 'Cause I seriously doubt it. "Just to talk". WTF ever. Why would I wanna talk to him? I don't know him, he obviously didn't read my profile (not my type, sending me one liners, etc.). Now here's the kicker. I edited it a bit for anonymity followability, but the messages remain un-changed:

1:39 pm, June 27 la_gordita_bonita

LOL! Yeah, right. What do you want to meet me for, then?

1:46 pm, June 27 (otherdudewhosenameIwon'tmention)

I never had head before, I want sum from you...ill pay u for it....

1:48 pm, June 27 la_gordita_bonita

Ah, so you are a liar... and searching for a prostitute. Well [our area] has plenty of those, but I am not one of them. Check Craigslist... plenty of dudes more than willing to give head for free to anyone who'll accept. Have fun!

Alright now, really? REALLY? Where the fuck does he get from anything I've ever said or done that I am a prostitute? Or that I am willing to suck him off? Or that I'm even attracted to him sexually? This digusts the hell out of me and I am furious about it and have tried to find a way to rationalize it in my head. My pictures and videos are free. I respond to comments and messages for the most part, though some do take me longer than others. I accept nearly all friend requests that come my way now. I clearly state that I am married and not interested in random hookups. But for like the bajillionth time in the past week, a guy has gotten on my nerves by approaching me in a really inappropriate way. Now granted, these guys have all been random unknowns. But still, why can't they just beat their dicks and leave me the hell alone?!?!

I know that it doesn't bother some people, but I take serious issue with cheating. It can cause all sorts of hellacious, ridiculous, awful problems in relationships. I don't like it. I don't condone it. I shy away from it because it tears me up inside. It destroys families and good people, their children and their homes. But that wasn't the reason I started this thread LOL. Sorry!

My point is this:

What is it about sexually open, liberated, and promiscuous women that makes the general population of men assume that they are whores? Why are they not treated with the same courtesy and respect as the beautiful woman casually met in public, who may also be just as much of a freak? What makes a guy think it's okay to say "I wanna rape your ass with my huge cock" to a woman he's never met? Or propisition to pay her for "services" as though she were a prostitute, when she states she's a mom and wife? Basically, what is it about a sexually liberated woman that makes a guy assume she's a slut... even if she's not?


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  1. There's bad vibes in the world, but luckily so are good vibes. There is prejudice, unfortunately. But that will always be there.. so just fuck that shit and enjoy the lovely and gorgeous things in life. Some men may call sexually open women whores.. but much more men are are jealous of the things women can achieve when they are sexually free and confident.