Sunday, March 23, 2014

the Crush.

I have this huge crush on a girl at work. From the moment I saw her, I was blushing and giggling like I had suddenly become 15 years younger. She is so handsome, and chivalrous, and noble... *sigh*

She started out as an intern for my team and I found myself simultaneously wishing for and praying against having to help her learn something or being alone with her. It was torture! Because of course I ended up needing to do both... quite often! I'd feel like an idiot fawning over the way she smoked her cigarettes and talked about her girlfriend or always got there first so she could hold doors open.

Now she's a coworker, fully hired by the company and in a completely different department and location. But every once in a while, she makes it a point to call my desk or stop by my cubicle for a quick visit. And I blush and smile and laugh and daydream about making out or riding her hands or face...

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