Thursday, April 12, 2012

My first Booooooobgasm!!!!!


Today, the hubby kept teasing me at work while I was trying to organize files, get this week's tests & quizzes sorted out, etc.  He is so damn sexy.  He kept pulling his deliciously thick cock out and stroking it to tease me.  Reminding me that he was commando today, and smacking my ass anytime I was within reach.

It was HOT.

I was ridiculously turned on, but couldn't afford to be too distracted, even though he pulled out all the stops (to the point of bending me over a desk and bumping/grinding against my pussy through my panties.  When we finally got home, I went to lay down with him and he began fondling me all over... he slyly managed to maneuver my left nipple out of my dress and bra and began to suck the hell out of it, biting and tugging.  Amazing doesn't even begin to describe how it felt!  Slowly, I felt myself begin writhing against him... a little at first, then more and more quickly until all of a sudden BAM!!!! A seriously strong orgasm that had me bucking and panting and groaning as though I'd just been fucked senseless! The aftershocks were complete with twitching and giggling while wearing a big ol' grin.

It took a few minutes  for my body to calm down and fully register what had happened.
I still have a HUGE smile on my face.

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