Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finding Bliss (movie)

I am a clumsy, dorky, nerdy girl.  Much like the main character, Jody, in the film Finding Bliss.  As a child, she spends a LOT of time pining for the crush of her dreams, playing countless games of spin the bottle, kissing tons of people, and when FINALLY it lands on him... he won't kiss her!  Instead, he calls her a slut.


Years later, she is struggling to get into the film industry in Hollywood and this is when the fun happens!  She lands a job editing porn when she knows absolutely zilch about sex!  Yeah, it's a corny plot but it was also quite cute.  Especially the cheesy, almost vulgar faked porn scenes.  While it was a bit predictable with all the foreshadowing and whatnot, it was still a great way to spend an hour and a half of my day.  It reminded me of youth, trust, and just how easily a girl's ego can be crushed... and how her views of sex and sensuality can be skewed by the slightest things.  Luckily though, the protagonist finds her way back to womanhood!

All in all, if you enjoy comedy and think Leelee Sobieski is a super-hottie, as I do, then you'll enjoy this film.  It's currently playing on OnDemand, so make sure you catch it while you can!  Or... get it on Netflix or something.  Whatever :)

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